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Proactive & Secure with Immediate Help

A Worry-Free Experience.

We have been with Compass Managed IT for years. When we started with them, our servers were not properly backed up, our network structure was a mess and our users couldn’t get the IT help they needed. Compass restructured our servers and network, and now we have proper redundancy and backup capability, so I never have to worry about data loss or downtime in the event of a failure.

We are a medical practice, so protecting Protected Health Information from data loss and intrusions is paramount. Matthew Meltzer, the President of Compass, is passionate about security and HIPAA compliance. This means that he is just as invested as we are in protecting our clients’ information and ensuring they stay protected. He works with us to make sure this happens.

With a suite of proactive technologies, and human vigilance, Compass keeps us protected and safe. They also help us with our day-to-day IT problems, usually immediately. We trust Compass to take care of our users, our infrastructure, and our data. They worry, so that we don’t have to.

Greg Cassileth
Business Executive
Cassileth Plastic Surgery

Reliable with Sensible & Specific Solutions.

A breath of fresh air!

What a refreshing experience it is to have not only intelligent but reliable IT help. We are a new client of Compass Managed IT and Matthew Meltzer is a breath of fresh air!

Our business needed a complete overhaul, and they sorted through our specific needs and offer sensible solutions. I can not tell you how thankful I am to have access to help in real-time and maintain productivity in those crucial moments. Change is never easy, but with patience and a good support team, I can honestly recommend Compass Managed IT.

Give them a call and try them out!

Julie Raphael
Office of Dr. Barbara Hayden
Santa Monica, CA

Less Stress, No Regrets – 100% Satisfied!.

Reassigning our IT issues to Compass Managed IT relieves the workload of our internal staff. Because of Compass Managed IT, we can focus on our business and on what we do best without spending time worrying about our IT.

Compass Managed IT has been better with responsiveness, professionalism and solution focused forward thinking than any of the previous IT companies we’ve had. We are able to focus all of our staff’s attention on our company goals!

If you’re on the fence, call Matthew – he’ll spend the time required to make you feel confident about your decision. We’ve been 100% satisfied with our choice!

Kelli Wilson
Fiberglass Hawaii
Ventura California

Consistent, Professional Cyber-Security Within Your Budget.

In this day and age, we consider information, software and hardware security measures as essential. Since we have been with Compass Managed IT, our hardware, software and information is now highly secured and the information is sufficiently backed up. We are most thankful for this!

Compass Managed IT actually listened to our concerns and found the best method to address those issues while staying within our budget. They are highly focused on maintaining increasingly important cyber-security measures and minimize the risk we face of being ravaged by a cyber-attack.

Choosing Compass Managed IT is a decision you won’t regret. They are extremely knowledgeable in the realm of IT and they WILL use that knowledge to serve you with integrity and persistence. They will resolve your IT issue in a way that you don’t feel like you are being brushed to the side so they can move on to the next client.

If you want excellent IT service, call them today!

Marcia Sommer & Terry Sommer
Sommer & Sommer, LLC


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