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Custom Network Architectural Design & Building

Basic and Advanced security stack options

Remote Maintenance and management

Support / Help desk and
on-site services


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Not all managed it services are created equal

At Compass Managed IT, our team of dedicated IT and Customer Service Professionals pride themselves on delivering enterprise level IT Managed Services to you for your small to medium sized business.

We spare no effort to ensure that your network is running fast AND secure so that you can leverage its abilities to run and grow your business and thrive in the marketplace!

Over 20 years of experience


Custom Network Architectural design & Building

We will send our advance network engineer to you for your new installation, update or project, and will analyze your physical premises, business processes, any hardware and software you already have as well as applicable compliance requirements. We then provide tailored recommendations to meet your company’s needs for designing and building the best network possible for your business to operate and thrive on.

Basic and advanced security stack options

Depending on your needs, we have two levels of security offerings that include the latest firewalls, antivirus and active threat response, email filters, network scanners and cyber-security training, and implementation services for compliances that apply, such as HIPAA and PCI.

Remote Maintenance and Management

We provide constant monitoring of your network and detection of any security threats or operational deficiencies, which we handle before it impacts your operations.


Our help desk is available to provide immediate support to end users or fix any issues. And if you need it technicians are ready to arrive at your office to fix any issues or work on a new project.


And if you already have “A Computer Guy” who offers break/ fix services, or even an in-house Help Desk or other established IT personnel, we can work side by side in a professional and supportive manner to assist and fill in any gaps so you have a complete and fully functioning IT infrastructure for your company.